Attukal Pongala

With a few days left for the most celebrated Attukal Pongala, the city of Trivandrum is in a hustle bustle. Everywhere one could see big hoardings and idols of the magnificent Attukal Amma put up by her loyal devotees,hundreds of pot vendors on the streets,a massive influx of tourists from across districts,states and nations .A collective consciousness is at work during this time because a fraction of everyone’s thought process is occupied by the upcoming Pongala Mahotsav.Somehow,in a way,the populace is geared for the auspicious day.There is an air of festivity everywhere. The city seemed to have scheduled itself in all concoctions for the big day.

The State administration had also entrusted various departments for a smooth and peaceful Pongala.Haritha Keralam Mission has implemented a Green protocol to be followed by the fellow devotees so as to prevent pollution of land and resources and to enhance the artistic beauty of the ritual.The dilemma of drinking water has been tackled through the setting up of new mechanisms for drinking.The thirst of those teeming millions ,who devote themselves to Amma in the scorching heat of the Sun,is quenched through 1260 public taps and over 50 showers to bath.The Public Works Department had almost completed the necessary works to facilitate a harmonious Pongala.Fire and rescue services and about 3600 police personnel,half of whom is women,is deployed at various parts of the city.Numerous surveillance drones and 70 CCTVs has been also fielded in various parts so as to scrutinize th functioning of the Pongala.The festival zone will be under the control of deputy Police commissioners R.Nishanthini and G.Jaidev.

Regarding the transportation facilities, KSRTC will have extra services during the festival days and special trains, including 6 running in Kollam-kanyakumari route,will be operated on the day of Pongala.Health department squads deployed in all areas are expected to do away with temporary medical facilities. The pollution control board would also systemize teams to check high decibel levels,in view of examination time for the students in the city.

Similarly various other departments are engaged in works to ensure smooth conduct of the festival.attukal-pongala-324x160

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