Baba Ramdev to open Vedic meet at Kozhikode Somayagam

Baba Ramdev will be a key presence at the start of North Malabar’s first-ever Somayagam, as the globally popular yoga guru will inaugurate a Vedic conference at the uniquely envisaged week-long ritual that will start off on February 13 in this city, hosting a grand confluence of people across communities and region.

The Haridwar-based spiritual leader will share the dais at the opening session at suburban Karaparamba on Thursday evening with a line-up of luminaries of senior politicians, heritage scholars and religious heads including former Union minister O Rajagopal, M P Veerendrakumar, P Parameswaran, Panakkad Sayyid Sadique Ali Shihab Thangal besides Acharya M R Rajesh, who is the founder of the Kasyapa Veda Research Foundation (KVRF) which is organizing the Somayagam.

The sessions that follow in the subsequent days will feature spiritual and social leaders from across the religious spectrum from various parts of the country.

Even as promotion of global peace and wellness form the key aim of the rare-variety yaga, the February 13-19 mega event that expects participation of ten lakh people will showcase a series of seminars, cultural programmes and book fair. Free feast on all the seven days will be a key feature of the Somayagam which conventionally highlights the concept of “food for all”, Acharya Rajesh said today.

The upcoming Somayagam, which has the blessings of internationally acclaimed humanitarian icon Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, strives to take forward the monumental movements of yesteryear social reformers such as Chattambi Swamikal, Sree Narayana Guru and Swami Vivekananda. “We believe in real practice; not just preaching,” the Acharya told a press conference here, pointing out that the 2006-founded KVRF has always been a massive spiritual and social movement.

The Somayagam has already generated considerable public interest with two chariots travelling from beyond both ends of Kerala propagating the message of the Vedas and converging in this city last evening after covering the entire length and breadth of the state. The two ‘Veda Rathas’, which were flagged off from Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu) and

Kollur (Karnataka), had stopovers at various places along its three-week journey that also saw KVRF volunteers addressing crowds and planting over 350 saplings.

There is a book fair being held at the venue. On all the seven days, the Somayagam will have a string of events such as all-religion conference, meets on subjects like various aspects of the Vedas, ecology, cow care and philosophy besides cultural programmes such as Krishnanattam (by Guruvayur Devaswom Kshetra Kalanilayam), devotional-song concert (Kaithapram Damodaran Namboodiri) and Sopana Nritham (Mankompu Rajeev Krishna).

The Somayagam, according to Vadakumpattu Narayanan who heads the Yaga Raksha Samiti, will stick to its original notion of using natural and eco-friendly paraphernalia. “What you see would be a theatre; there will be several dramatic events and symbolic deeds,” he added.

Acharya Rajesh noted that the Somayagam would be an anti-thesis to several conventions. “For, the rituals will see the participation of people cutting across age, caste or gender,” Acharya Rajesh said, though they would led by a team of priests from Karnataka’s Mathur — India’s only Sanskrit-speaking village. “Our aim is to give maximum public access to the Vedic rituals.”

The press meet was also addressed by KVRF directors Vivek Shenoy and P T Vipindas besides yaga organizers Arun Prabhakaran, P P Unnikrishnan and K Chandrasekharan.

The Somayaga will take place under the auspices of Vedic Scholars, Yajnikas and common folk in the presence of state leaders and general public, while the food for the yaga mostly comprise self-grown crops harvested by KVRF and its volunteers — all of them sticking to natural farming.

“Yajnas are required for eradicating selfish thoughts amongst people as well as creating abundance in the world,” according to Acharya Rajesh. “Thus it is an assembly and outcome of the farsightedness, philosophical approach and scientific temperament of the Rishis. The Yagas are an intrinsic constituent of the very process of creation.”

KVRF has succeeded in drawing men, women and children towards spiritual studies and initiation to Vedic rituals across communities. The Acharya, who is a family man, has successfully managed to impart Vedic knowledge to thousands of women, and empowered them with the knowledge of Agnihotra vidya and Pancha Maha Yanja Vidya.

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