Biriyani Vs Friendship: Battle with your bestie at Uday Samudra!

Friendship is the celebration of everything good about being human and it gets better this year. The good folks at Uday Samudra have added the universal love for biriyani that every Keralite has into the equation this year, bringing the excitement up to a whole new level for foodies. Make your bond of friendship stronger with a battle of biriyani with your best friend at the ‘Courtyard’ restaurant at Uday Samudra Beach Hotel, Trivandrum. Celebrate Friendship Day this year on August 5th with ‘Clash of the Foodies’, a unique and memorable way to make your bond even special. Make sure you send in your name along with your bestie’s for pre-registration to book a place in the ‘Clash of Foodies’ and win exciting prizes.

Uday Samudra Beach Hotel, Kovalam came up with this unique idea, bringing together one of the things that bond Keralites from all walks, Biriyani. “Clash of the Foodies” is a never-before-seen version of food battle that is bound to leave a lot of tummies more than just full. Bring out the food lover in yourself and your best friend and make this friendship day more meaningful with other competitors to grab the title of the best Foodie team.

Before registration, make sure you make the choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian biriyani. For a veggie biriyani its Rs 2,500 and for the meat lovers it is Rs 3,500. The competition will be held on a first-come-first-served basis. All the more reason to hurry and book your place in front of a well-heaped biriyani platter and the chance to win a gift voucher worth Rs 10,000/-!

Celebrate this Friendship Day with biriyani and besties and the ‘Courtyard’ team. Contact Mr Guru Prasad for more details and registration on +91 9388350419

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