Clash of the Foodies at Uday Samudra, Kovalam

Uday Samudra Hotel Kovalam Organised a unique and memorable event called “Clash of the foodies” to celebrate the world friendship day. The Biryani eating competition conducted at the Pool side of UDS attracted a huge crowd. Six teams consisting of 6 members each were given a pre-decided quantity of biryani (non veg/veg) for eating along with 5litres of lime water and were allowed a specific time, to finish the full quantity. The winners got gift voucher worth Rs 10000/- and other prizes.

The event evoked great enthusiasm among the spectators as it was the first of its kind at Kovalam. The idea behind the event is to renew and rejuvenate the bonding of Keralites from all walks of life, through their favorite food – “Biryani”.

The event got flagged by Shri. Raj Gopaal Iyer (CEO – UDS Hotels) at 12 noon and the winners were selected by a panel of 6 member judges.

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