Raviz Hotels & Resorts appoints Sanjay Kaushik as the new COO

The Raviz Hotels & Resorts has appointed Sanjay Kaushik as their Chief Operating Officer. Raviz Hotels & Resorts is the fastest growing hotel chain part of RP Group. Sanjay Kaushik moved to Raviz from IHG where he was the Area General Manager, West India. Sanjay Kaushik brings in 22 years of experience in the hotel industry. He holds proven track record in business turnarounds. Sanjay Kaushik started as a Judo Player in CISF and his hotel career started with ITC Maurya Sheraton, before moving on to Carlson and IHG. Sanjay Kaushik has won many awards and accolades in the industry including Kerala State Tourism Award for the Best Hotel General Manager.

Raviz Hotels & Resorts are built with a focus on sustainable models of products and services. They offer best in class and comfort services. The spectacular locations lay the backdrop for their guests’ stay, from mighty rivers to placid lakes and the powerful ocean. The facilities offered at these tranquil surroundings enable a relaxed and rejuvenating stay

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