The Modern Auto World -Audi

The four-rings seems to be doing just fine and is having successful years lately. Sales are going up and so are the prices, but the engine power has been made significantly lesser in India for delivering more mileage per litre as we Indians spend a lot on fuel, but the power delivery is considerably high and so, hey, no ones complaining.

Each ring of the logo represents the companies that joined to form Auto Union that was later renamed Audi. Audi is pronounced “Ow-Dee” commonly mispronounced “Aw-Dee”. The company even made a video to teach people how to pronounce their name properly.

Today Audi is owned by the noble Volks-Wagen, and its sister companies are Porsche, Bentley, Škoda, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Seat, MAN and Scania. Yes Volks-Wagen owns all these companies.

Who buys an Audi? Normally people who are new to the luxury segment, go for an Audi.  The brand shows off all the needs of a potent buyer, specifically safety, comfort, design and performance or in other words a Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus and BMW, all in one car. Catchy? This was used in a commercial by Audi to promote the brand and create loyalty.

Audi is now 107 years old and has been in the business for some time now. All we can say is that, it has established itself quite well in this time.

Which one’s going to be in your garage?

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