KIMSHEALTH launches world class ICU with 85 beds

KIMSHEALTH East has launched a state-of-the-art critical care unit (ICU) with 85 beds amid the Covid-time crisis that has exposed gross inadequacy of such facilities in the country.
The ICU will have a 10-bed transplant ICU and a 21-bed multidisciplinary ICU, besides three negative-pressure airborne isolation beds, heppa filter facility, a comprehensive burns unit of three ICU beds, a 10-bed surgical ICU along with a six-bedded Post Anasthetic Care ICU and 33-bedded Neonatology ICU.  

The ICU, accredited by National Board for Super-speciality Training Programme in Critical care and also by the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine, is managed by consultants 24/7.

The intention of launching this facility is to bring world-class critical care services to Kerala and its capital, said KIMSHEALTH Chairman and Managing Director Dr M.I. Sahadulla. 

“We want to ensure the best outcome by enhancing patient safety and well-being. The 24/7 facility will be a landmark in the healthcare delivery of South Kerala and adjoining parts of Tamil Nadu,” he noted.

Both the doctors and nurses are highly experienced in the care of the critically ill. The unit also has dedicated respiratory therapists, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, dietitians, clinical pharmacists and an infection control unit. The ICU guarantees a 1:1 patient-nurse ratio for all ventilated patients. KIMSHEALTH has a total number of 241 ICU beds and 55 exclusive ICU beds for Covid patients. 

The unit has the most modern imported monitoring system that gives continuous information on the physiological parameters of the patient. “This facilitates accurate treatment decisions,” pointed out Dr Sahadulla. “Further, radiological interpretation incorporates artificial intelligence to minimize human error.”

Dr G Vijayaraghavan, Vice Chairman – KIMSHEALTH, said apart from the state-of-the-art facilities, the full-time availability of consultants is the major highlight of these ICUs.  

Dr Deepak V, Coordinator, Critical Care Medicine, KIMSHEALTH, said the ICUs are designed in compliance with international guidelines. “Each patient is admitted in separate cubicles, thereby decreasing the risk of cross-infections. Most cubicles have a good view of the outside environment and exposure to daylight. Also, they are fitted with circadian lighting. Both these promote the patient’s normal sleep-wake rhythm,” he added.

Mr. E M Najeeb, Executive Director, KIMSHEALTH, said KIMSHEALTH is always eager to introduce innovative treatment facilities by deploying the best team of medical experts.  

Dr Praveen Murlidharan, Senior Nephrologist and Coordinator, Transplant, was also present at the press conference.

The facility also features modern ventilators, dialysis machine and ECMO, among others. The Tele ICU facility helps the intensivist to connect with doctors, paramedical staff and the patients at remote location.

In order to avoid cross-infections and decrease the risk of infection to healthcare workers, air handling is controlled as per CDC guidelines. There are negative-pressure rooms for patients, benefiting those infected with the coronavirus or chicken-pox. There is also a positive pressure room for patients with immunocompromised conditions and burns.

The comprehensive burns unit, with state-of-the-art equipment, has the burn bath which is a unique feature. Plastic surgeons with special training in burns are part of the team that includes intensivists, nurses, anaesthesiologists, ID physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and nutritionists.

The transplant ICU cares patients, who are through with transplantation of the liver, kidney, intestine and pancreas. Moreover, well-equipped rooms are also available for bystanders.

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